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The South Canterbury Brand

The South Canterbury brand mark is used as a tool  for local businesses to help communicate the benefits of products and services of South Canterbury origin. Consistent use of the mark on high quality South Canterbury products, services and initiatives will help build a stronger identity for South Canterbury and what we can offer.

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Developing the Brand Mark

In developing the South Canterbury brand mark, we consulted local businesses and drew on feedback from other sources such as related projects and various stakeholders.  

We found that while local businesses shared a common understanding of what “South Canterbury” stands for, most people felt that as a region, we weren’t doing enough to tell our story.

We set up a project team to develop a South Canterbury brand to capture the essence and diversity of South Canterbury, through colour, shapes and font - from the snowy heights of Aoraki Mt Cook, over lakes and rivers and down through the plains and rolling hills to Timaru and Caroline Bay.


South Canterbury though the seasons is full of greens, golds, browns and blues. The landscape forms a patchwork of shapes and colours that change with the seasons.

After a sampling process, six colours were selected, representing the diverse landscapes of South Canterbury.

From the blues of Tekapo and Pukaki, to the greens of Geraldine, the teal of Caroline Bay and the gold of Waimate, there was no shortage of inspiration for a base of colours that make up our regional palette.


The patterns of the land fit together like a puzzle.  We used the shapes inspired by a tangram puzzle - square, triangle and parallelogram.


Brand Elements

The South Canterbury brand mark has two main elements:

  • an icon capturing visual elements of our region; representing the variety of land, people and businesses found here.
  • a wordmark to underscore regional brand values - straightforward, direct, open, relaxed and diverse.

How You Can Use the Brand

The South Canterbury brand mark will grow to become an important part of South Canterbury’s visual identity. Accurate and consistent use will build equity in the brand and strengthen and unify promotional messaging for South Canterbury.

The brand mark has been designed to sit alongside your own company or product branding.

By working together and collectively using our South Canterbury brand, we will all share in building long term brand equity for South Canterbury.

We look forward to working with you to grow wider understanding of the South Canterbury brand and the values it conveys.

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