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Hadlow Circuit - #TimaruCycleTrails

  Grade: Easy

Time: 1 hr 45 Min 

Users: Walkers/Dogs/Runners/Vehicles

Whalebone Corner - South Canterbury's history is steeped with whaling and at Whale Bone Corner there are two whale bones displayed, most likely erected as trail marks in the 19th century.

Mount Horrible - Mt Horrible is made up of a plug of quality basalt very close to Timaru and enjoyed by climbers of all levels. The routes are quite short but have an abundance of well-rounded holds and cracks. There is no need to contact the landowner before climbing.

Farming - The agricultural sector is the base of South Canterbury’s economy and the region is widely considered New Zealand’s food bowl. Producers grow essential food crops, in addition to the significant amount of dairy farms and forestry. Increasing irrigation offers farmers a greater range of options for production – including intensive cropping, meat, wool and dairy.

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